The IT Budget: Effectively Managing Your IT Finances

More today than ever before, IT budgets and finances are becoming a primary target for business owners and executives looking to slash company costs. Today's business climate is making it increasingly difficult for IT managers and executives to survive without being able to justify every single dollar that the company invests in technology, including their own IT staff and outside services.

Since IT is typically one of the larger and more expensive operational and capital investment entities within any company, every IT management resource should have a firm understanding of how the IT finance and budget process works, and how to maximize each dollar that is available to invest.

The topics covered in this eBook include:

  • Understand What Your Are Spending Today
  • Find Out How IT is Organized Financially
  • Compile and Document Your IT Finances Approach
  • Make Necessary Changes to the IT Approach
  • Find Savings Opportunities Within the IT Budget
  • Determine Total Cost of Each IT Function
  • Maintain Ongoing Control Over Your IT Finances

In addition to the eBook, you will receive the following templates that you can use and modify any way you'd like to ensure your success in managing your IT finances:

  • IT Functional Areas- Cost Breakdown
  • IT Operating and Capital Budget
  • IT Fixed Asset Form and Instructions
  • IT Budget Reduction Impact Analysis
  • IT Budget Analysis Presentation

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