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Iron Key Group is an organization that helps IT and business executives to maximize the return for every IT dollar invested within their respective organizations. We find that many extremely bright and capable IT managers and executives excel at the more technical aspect of their roles, but struggle with the critical business skills that are necessary to make their teams truly successful. Managing change, establishing clear and attainable goals, organizational leadership, talent development, financial and budget management, establishing strong relationships with other elements of the business, providing better service to their customers, and personal and professional growth for their team members are all areas that our customers are asking for help with.

Ken Morris, founder and President of Iron Key Group, developed the company as a visionary organization that has the experience and the skill to help you identify and navigate through the obstacles that stand between you and your goals. We will provide you with the assistance you need to achieve your vision and ensure success.

our mission

At Iron Key Group, our mission statement is critical to defining who we are and why we are in business. It encompasses what we plan to accomplish for you, our customer. We reach high, and our goal is clear:

“Our mission at Iron Key Group is to dedicate ourselves to solving our customer’s IT-related business problems and to provide solutions that exceed their expectations.”

case studies

We’ve been able to help many customers across many verticals, achieve their goals and attain their desired success.

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IKG’s 4 keys to mutual success

When you partner with Iron Key Group, you choose a firm that has the highest standards of quality and integrity. In order to provide the best service possible, we’ve developed our own quality standards platform:


Mutual trust is of paramount importance to us. We want you to treat us as if we are trusted members & partners of your own firm.


No secrets, no games. Our work speaks for itself, and all facets are above-board and need to pass your intense scrutiny.


Results— high-quality results— are what you will get from us. Our job is not done until you are fully satisfied with our deliverables.


We are committed to you and your firm’s success. We want to be there for you to help during both the good and the tough times.